It was my pleasure to have Clint Parry of Focus HR on the show. Clint has a passion for business growth and personal development. He helps small business owners accelerate their growth through HR outsourcing. We spoke in depth about the “art,” strategy, and value of Human Resources.

A 2018 SBA survey reported that 99.4% of Arizona companies were classified as small businesses employing a total of 1 million people. Even with the impact of Covid, thankfully many small businesses are alive and well. What has always been a challenge for them is finding the time and resources to effectively juggle all of their obligations. What is the HR challenge that you see small business owners most frequently run into and what can they do to alleviate that burden?

Many small business owners are Type As — ourselves included — who often default into “Do it Yourself” mode. But as their business grows, and more employees join the payroll, managing all things HR can bring more than they bargained for. What are the indicators that it’s time to look at a different solution like HR Outsourcing, and what are the real implications for outsourcing HR?

Diversity and inclusion in the workplace is beneficial socially and economically. There are countless studies about the increased performance of employees who feel accepted by their peers and who have a voice in decisions. Teams also make decisions with a better, broader perspective. Plus, businesses who state their inclusive values and actively practice them tend to have a loyal following of buyers. How do you view an HR Director’s role in promoting a diverse and inclusive culture in a company?

For small businesses with fewer than 10 employees, HR tends to fall under the purview of the lead accountant. Many of them do quite well with keeping their employers in compliance, and at the same time HR covers a lot of nuanced territory. What’s something you wish every organization better understood or implemented when it comes to their HR?

Regardless of whether a company conducts its business virtually or in person, all businesses are composed of people who are looking for opportunity and a sense of purpose. They also come with their own complexity and a need to be heard. What advice would you give someone thinking about a career in HR? What can they expect?

People who gravitate toward human resource work are often good mentors. I’ve learned a lot over the years from HR experts who have given me great insight into some very complex situations. Who has been an influence to you in your life or in your work?

How can small business owners compete with larger companies, not to mention other small business owners, who are all vying for talented workers?

Focus HR serves clients in 33 states, so chances are someone listening to this podcast has access to your expertise. What does Focus HR offer to business owners who are looking to either streamline their compliance or really up their strategic HR game?

You can learn more about Clint and Focus HR by visiting their website at

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Small Business, Big Voices: Episode #19