I am often asked questions about how to improve a company’s marketing efforts, so in today’s Dear Coach I’m excited to talk about why I created my online marketing course.

I’ve been studying behavioral analysis, and the DISC assessment in particular, since I started my practice in 2006. The whole point of using tools like the DISC is to move what we sense to be true about ourselves into conscious action. A big challenge with applying self awareness is the one-size-fits-all solution, which is prevalent in marketing. That’s partially because America as a country functions as an extroverted personality. If you want to make more money you just have to “pick up the phone or start knocking on doors, right? I mean just put yourself out there.” Those strategies may work for a lot of people; but, statistically about 65% of our fellow countrymen are more introverted, and many of them are business owners. These are very capable individuals who happen to have less of an appetite for risk and self-promotion.

So, it became very clear to me that smart, successful business people were being left out of the conversation when it came to sales and marketing. And it was also clear that introverts and extroverts alike struggle with really identifying and connecting with their ideal client. So here’s two things that you have to know to be successful with your sales and marketing efforts: #1 You have to know how to leverage your abilities. #2 You have to be very clear about what your ideal client values. So let’s elaborate on that a bit.

#1 Whether you are a D, I, S, or C on the DISC (Panther, Politician, Protector, or Professor sales style), you have skills that you can utilize to represent your company and to close business. Sales and marketing definitely comes more easily to some than others, so the key is to set yourself up for success. Everyone has to do things from time to time that are challenging and outside their preference. You have to identify the handful of strategies that you are most likely to utilize. A big part of being successful in sales is consistency, so you have to be honest with yourself about what actions are sustainable for you. If you’re an introvert, you have plenty of options outside of gala events. Likewise, if you’re an extrovert, you don’t have to spend countless hours on market research. There are tactics that are effective for each sales style.

#2 Connecting with your ideal client’s values is essential to successful sales. I’ve talked about the many advantages of knowing your ideal client in past episodes. All my Dear Coach articles can be found on our Small Biz, Big Voices Facebook page. What I want to emphasize today is the importance of speaking your audience’s language. We as business owners know what we offer backwards and forwards. We know our lingo, we know why what we do is important, and we know why people should buy from us. BUT, if we do not express that in terms that can be easily understood or agreed to by the public, no amount of behind-the-scenes expertise will overcome that. You have to talk in terms of what your audience values in order for them to connect with you. Otherwise, you are building your own barriers to a sale.

So, in addition to wanting all behavioral types to have marketing strategies that set them up for success, I also wanted a platform that is affordable and easy to implement. I encourage you to visit my website and check out my online DISC marketing course. It provides proven, step-by-step methods for creating a marketing strategy that is comfortable for your Sales Personality. By the end of the course you will:

  • Have a system that is focused and actionable.
  • Increase your sales confidence and close rates.
  • Attract profitable and loyal Ideal Clients.
  • Make more money and enjoy more sanity!
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Small Business, Big Voices: Episode 17