CEO and President of the BBB Serving Southern Arizona, Pam Crim, and I spoke about the BBB’s impact, how Covid-19 is affecting our region, and what continues to inspire Pam’s work. Enjoy the interview!

  1. Just to set the stage for our conversation this afternoon, please share with us the BBB’s mission. What are the values that drive the BBB, and in what ways does it represent the interests of both consumers and businesses?
  2. I mentioned in the intro that the BBB has been serving southern Arizona since 1952. I remember reading that it was a really big deal for the office to get a second phone line because it anticipated 2,000 calls in a year. Your team processes that many points of contact in a week. How has the BBB evolved to serve a 21st century audience, and what would you like people to understand about its impact?
  3. I am curious about how you came to be our BBB’s CEO and President. What brought you to this role, and are there particular stories that continue to inspire your work?
  4. I know that Covid-19 is not affecting everyone the same way, not as individuals or as businesses. Some are understandably struggling, others are coping well if not thriving. With such a wide variety of experience, plus so much uncertainty as things continue to unfold, how do you view the BBB’s role during this era of Covid-19?
  5. A chunk of Southern Arizona’s economy is tied to service and tourism industries. What have your observations been re: the impact of Covid-19 on Southern Arizona’s business community? I know this question may involve a certain amount of conjecture because what’s known to us changes frequently right now. But, what is your opinion of what recovery looks like for our region?
  6. The annual Ethics Awards are coming up soon, which is a great celebration of local businesses. I feel very honored to have won an Ethics Award last year and to be one of the judges for this year’s nominees. I’d like to end this part of our episode on a positive note, especially in recognition of all the business leaders out there who continue to service and inspire our community. Please share with us more about the BBB’s Ethics Award and how you’re celebrating this year’s nominees.

You can learn more about the BBB Serving Southern Arizona by visiting their website at

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