Check out my 1st Anniversary show with a panel of Tucson’s arts and entertainment gurus! My guests are Karen Fogas of The Fox Tucson Theatre, Curtis McCrary of The Rialto Theatre, and Kate Calhoun of the Tucson Convention Center. I’m excited to start the New Year with this panel because I love Tucson. These folks play a big part in our downtown renaissance and the ways in which Tucson has retained a unique identity. Thanks for the memories!

  1. I imagine with the variety of events you each coordinate, the logistics you manage are substantial. You’re also serving a diverse community with their own opinions about the entertainment they want. What’s your thought process when booking events and shows? Do you have a particular mission that you’re trying to achieve, either for your venue or for the greater Tucson community?
  2. Is there anything in particular that you wish the public better understood when it comes to bringing events to Tucson?
  3. Although this podcast is geared to small business owners, I enjoy inviting executives on the show because the work that they do within larger organizations affects the Tucson economy, including our small businesses. What kind of economic ripple effect is created by the events each of your venues host? Do you have specific ways of tracking that?
  4. You aren’t just coordinating all of this for others; you’re also fans. What were some of your favorite events in 2019? Is there something in particular that you’re excited about bringing to Tucson in 2020?
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Small Business, Big Voices: Episode 13