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I love family-owned businesses and applaud any couple who has the ability to successfully blend their personal and professional lives. It was a pleasure to have the chance to interview Carol and Rob and learn about how they found themselves on an entrepreneurial path together. We covered the following questions/topics on our show. Enjoy!

You both left careers in different fields in order to pursue your passion for health and fitness. Carol, starting with you, how did you decide to retire from the police department as a detective to start Foothills Fit Body Boot Camp? You touch on that a bit in your bio, but tell us more about what you wanted for yourself and for the public by making this change.

Many people start businesses because they worked for someone else — they reach a point where they believe they could do it better, and so they strike out on their own either in the same profession or something akin to it. Rob, you were a hydrologist with the US Geological Survey, so your new path is a substantial departure from your prior career. How have you found your way as a business owner? What has surprised you most?

Fit Body Boot Camp is a franchise with 500 locations in the US and Canada. There are a lot of advantages to owning a franchise because you’re buying established processes and a recognizable brand. I’ve also known franchise owners frustrated by the inflexibility of their corporate contract. What has your experience been as franchise owners, and what advice can you offer someone who is thinking about buying a franchise?

I am currently working on a book about family-owned businesses. One of the survey questions I asked as part of my research was what do family members like most about working together. I’m wondering how the two of you answer that question.

In my research survey I also ask what family members find most challenging about being in business together. What has been the greatest challenge for the two of you, and what did you have to figure out to address it?

You recently opened a second location — your original Foothills location is on north Swan and your new Rincon location is on Old Spanish Trail. What was your process for deciding that you were ready to open a second location? How did you weigh the risks & rewards?

Carol, you and Dan Ritchie co-authored a book called Commit To Fit. Tell us about your book and why you wanted to write it.

I often hear business owners express frustration that they’re too tired or too short on time to exercise, even though they feel better when they do. In your book you list your Fast Five Tips for the Truly Tight on Time. For those listening, what are they?